Studio Policies

Class Commitment
MBS school year start in September and goes thru May,
and breaking for 3 sessions: Fall session is September 7-November 24.
Winter session is November 25- February 29.
Spring session is March 1- May 16.
Summer programs begins in June and ends in August.
The educational process is based on the annual program, so students (and parents) are obliged to enroll throughout the school year.
Pre-ballet families perform session 1 and / or 2 and / or 3.

Tuition and Fees
When enrolling in a class, you undertake and agree to pay for tuition in the FULL academic year, regardless of whether you choose to pay for the full year or for the quarter.
Pre-ballet families agree to pay for session training during registration.
All accounts must be current so that dancers can participate in classes or performances.
Tuition is due in full, on the first day of Fall session. November 15 for Winter session and February 15 for Spring session.
Fees for Auditions or Masters classes are due on the day of the audition or class.  Families with two or more children attending MBS receive a 10% tuition discount for the second and third child. 5% tuition discount applied when paid for full year. You may register in person or by mail.

Liquidated Damages
This Agreement constitutes an unconditional contractual obligation to pay for the entire course of the 2019-2020 academic year of the MBS. You understand that, relying on its contractual obligation, the MBS, in turn, takes on contractual obligations with respect to teachers and staff, the rental of premises and equipment, as well as the procurement of materials, supplies and other items or services necessary to fulfill the Agreement on enrollment.

Performances and Competitions
There is a $175 participation fee for each production make by Minnesota Ballet Theatre (which students have the option to participate in) and $75 participation fee for Spring Recital. The participation fee is non-refundable if the student chooses to quit a production after rehearsals have begun.
Students must be enrolled for the entire class session in order to participate in MBT productions for example: Halloween-Fall, Nutcracker-Winter, Peter & the Wolf and Carnival-Spring.
Students can apply to compete in local and regional competitions. Competition training costs, rehearsal schedule, and terms of competition are to be decided between Directors and parents.

MBS follows a No Refund Policy: tuition and fees are non refundable and non transferable. A full refund will be granted if MBS is to cancel the class and a virtual class is not offered. There are no refunds for partially attended sessions. Before registering your child, please make sure the class will fit your schedule and your child wants to dance. Please contact the Director with any questions regarding MBS tuition and policies. Director email:

Late Fees
MBS charges a $35 late fee to all payments received after 5th day of the tuition due date. The fee on all returned checks is $35. Failure to make payments on time may prohibit your child from participating in class.

Dress Code
The dress code for each level of ballet is posted on the MBS website.

Attendance and Make-up classes
Please contact Kirill Bak in advance of any absences or tardiness. Good attendance is critical to consistent student progress and advancement. Cancelled classes made by MBS can be made up within the same session,
in a class of equal or lower level.
One make-up class available for Dancers attends one class a week.
Two make-up classes available for Dancers attend two classes a week.
Three make-up classes available for Dancers attend three classes a week.
Four make-up classes available for Dancers attend four classes a week.

Students should be on time for the beginning of class. Late admittance to class is at the teacher’s discretion. Students that are more than 15 minutes late may be asked to observe class. This is to ensure the students safety and to not disrupt the flow of the class.

If circumstances require you to withdraw from a class or rehearsal, please fill out a “Withdrawal Form” at the front desk.

Class Observation
Classes can be observed at any time thru the viewing windows or on the monitor screens in the waiting room. Parents/Guardians are not allowed into the studio rooms.

Winter Weather
In the chance of inclement weather, MBS will cancel class. We follow Eden Prairie School’s guidelines for school and activity cancelations. The safety of our students and their families is most important. In all cases, please use your best judgment. The Director will notify families by email, and will post on MBS Facebook page.

Student Behavior
All students must behave in a courteous manner towards each other. Disrespect to any staff member or volunteer, or disruptive behavior of any kind could be grounds for dismissal. Good behavior includes arriving on time, being quiet and attentive at all times, respecting rehearsal studios, not littering, and getting along with fellow dancers. Please also remember: no chewing gum beverages or food may be eaten in the studios.
Only light snacks may be eaten in the waiting area.

Student Pick Up
Students must be picked up at the ending time of each class or program. After a 15-minute grace period has passed, a $1 per minute fee will be assessed for late pick up. Young children not enrolled in class should not be left unattended.

Minnesota Ballet School does not discriminate in enrollment on the basis of race, religion, gender, age national origin, or sexual orientation.

This is a place of business; students/families must conduct themselves in a
quiet, controlled, appropriate manner in all areas of the building. Please turn
off cell phones. Young children should not be left unattended. No running.

ŸNo meals should not be eaten in studio lobby. It is a very small space, and the smells can be distracting to the dancers, especially when they have very long rehearsal days. Healthy snacks encourage for dancers when long rehearsal days if needed. (energy bars, fruits are OK).  Meals for families should be eaten elsewhere. Also, please remember to clean up after eating snacks and drinking beverages.

I hereby release Minnesota Ballet School, and it agents and employees from all liability for personal injury, illness, or property damage occurring on or off the premise leased by MBS. I acknowledge that my child has no physical conditions that would limit his/her participation in dance activities. In case of emergency, the MBS staff has my permission to use their judgment with regard to treatment and such temporary measures, as MBS deems appropriate, until I can be contacted. I hereby give MBS permission to take photographs and/or videography of the students listed above that will become permanent property of MBS. I consent to use such materials for promotional purposes by MBS. I agree to pay to my child’s tuition in full when it is due, and any and all fees associated with my child’s programs.