COVID-19 Guidance

We carefully follow government recommendations to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all students and teachers. At our facility with an area of ​​5,000 square feet. We have enough space for supporting the principles of social distance while on the dance floor. We cleaned the facility during the entire closing time and will continue reorganization and disinfection to ensure the safety of our customers.
MBS does its best to create a safe environment for its students. This Health and Safety Plan does not express any guarantees, promises or representations, or does not represent 100% effectiveness against the spread of the disease. It aims to complement the guidelines set forth by the CDC with state and federal authorities, and can be as effective as a formal guide combined with a public willingness to follow.

Please read the following safety precautions

Dropdown and Pickup
Before class
Drop off. The lobby will not be open for waiting.
Students must be expelled no earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled lesson. This is to avoid unnecessary exposure.
Dancers should arrive in dance wear (with a warmups), ready to go straight to the studio. Changing room are closed for dressing or other use.
All MBS members were asked to monitor their health at home before entering the studio. The student will be denied entry if he has any of the following symptoms of COVID-19: Active cough (even with allergies), Dyspnea, Headache, Heat, Sore throat.
After class
Please come to the parking lot 5-10 minutes before the scheduled class time to be ready to pick up the dancer when they leave the building.
Dancers must move directly to the venue and back to the car, waiting for them before and after the lessons / lessons.
In a studio
Parents/guardians of students aged 7 years and younger will be allowed to enter the building with the participating student. Other family members (brothers and sisters, etc.) will not be allowed into the building. The parent/guardian of a student who is taking a private lesson should be present in the lobby unless other classes or rehearsals are held. Other Parents or visitors are not allowed inside the building until further notice.
Lobby are closed for classes observation.

Individual Protection Means
All MBS members will be asked to wear mask in order to entry facilities.
How ever wearing mask during the class exercise are optional.
Masks, hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes will be provided if student don’t have one. (but it is highly recommended that students bring their own.)
Food and Water
The MBS locker room and fountains are closed until further notice.
Meals in the building (unless absolutely necessary) are not allowed until further notice. Dancers can eat snacks outside.
Students are advised to bring several filled water bottles as needed, depending on the duration of the dance.
Personal items
Dancers will bring their dance bags and personal items directly to the studio with them. Each dancer will be assigned an individual marked spot on the floor against the mirror. Before entering the studio, the dancer must take off his street shoes and carefully put them in his personal spot. All spots and surrounding areas will be cleaned between each class.

Impact minimization
Hands should be washed / sanitized at the entrance to the studio before and after each lesson.
Always cough or sneeze on your elbow, use a cloth, and immediately throw away the used cloth in the bin.
As in the past, MBS will continue to disinfect all surfaces with a high level of touch. The frequency of this cleaning, however, will increase.
Students and their families are encouraged to use their elbows / hips instead of hands when possible to open doors or turn on switches.
Hand sanitizer will be easily accessible throughout the building, although anyone who enters the room is encouraged to have their own to guarantee access to it.
Door handles and touch areas will continue to be cleaned regularly.
Restroom Policy
To minimize exposure to the toilet, we recommend that all dancers (especially young ones) use the toilet at home before joining MBS.
Toilets will be used one person at a time.
Antiseptic wipes and paper towels will be available before and after use in the bathroom.
Remember to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
Physical distribution and class size reduction
MBS will use the 6-foot rule in studios and beyond until further notice.
The maximum class sizes and construction capacity will be determined and adjusted in accordance with state and local requirements.
The practice of physical distance in the lesson includes the following: All work will be performed at a distance of 6 feet.
All bars will be sanitized before and after use.
The dance floor will be sealed with 10-foot parameters for work in the center.
Classes that can safely navigate the floor will do so with special attention and choreography of musical time, which allows each student to be 13-16 feet (the recommended distance for traveling exercises) from the person who is walking towards them.
Private lessons
All the same rules apply to private classes.
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