Studio rules-Dress code

Registration is complete when all of following items are returned to the Minnesota Ballet School:
1. Completed and signed registration form (both sides)
2. Non-refundable annual registration fee: One child-$40/ two-$70/ three-$90 (half price after March 1) Registration good through August 31.
3. Recital fee of $75
4. Tuition fee

Dress Code
Pre-ballet: pink footed tights, pink leotard, pink shoes no skirt allowed.
Ballet 1-2: pink footed tights, black leotard, pink shoes no skirt allowed.
Ballet 3: pink footed tights, lilac leotard, pink shoes no skirt allowed.
Ballet 4: pink footed tights, blue leotard, pink shoes skirt allowed.
Ballet 5: pink footed tights, green leotard, pink shoes skirt allowed.
Ballet 6: tights, leotard, shoes any color accepted, skirt allowed.
Boys: white T-shirt, black tights, white socks, and white or black ballet shoes

All levels: hair should be secured from the face and neck (in bun). No warm-ups or additional clothing worn during class