Boys Ballet Program

MBS offer scholarships for boys age 9-18

Dance classes are a great opportunity for male students to build athletic
endurance, balance, and coordination. Minnesota Ballet School offers nurturing classes with male and female instructors allowing male students to feel comfortable while building technique, creativity and confidence.
Whether the goal is to pursue ballet itself or to cross-train for other
sports such as hockey, soccer, football, etc., MBSchool training benefits boys of all ages and abilities.  Dance training and conditioning improves gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, balance, and posture, while increasing self-confidence, motivation, mental focus, and self esteem.

Unforgettable names such as Mikhail Baryshnikov, Rudolf Nureyev, and
Vaslav Nijinsky have made their mark as powerful male ballet dancers.
Perhaps your son might someday find his name on that list!
Give your son the chance to learn more than just a new art form. Give
him the opportunity to improve his ballet skills, athleticism, and
balance by signing him up for ballet at MBS.

Should a Boy Take Ballet Class?
Ballet class is not just for girls. More boys are taking dance class than
ever before. You may feel pressured by relatives who view dancing as
effeminate and want to steer your son in the direction of typical male
dominant activities like basketball and karate. However, if your son is
interested in dance or you feel he would enjoy it, consider enrolling him.
Dancing actually builds great strength and endurance. The exercise and
principles of dance can help your son perform better in all areas of his
life from athletics to academics.

Ballet Class Benefits for Boys
Ballet is art, exercise and sport all in one. Boys can get the following
benefits from taking a dance class like self-expression: A boy learns to express himself through movement
♦Total body workout: Dance provides a complete workout and can
help prevent childhood obesity.
♦ Improves balance: Dancing helps a boy improve his balance which
can help with other sports.
♦Gain greater flexibility: A boy will gain a healthy flexibility which
may also help in other sports as well as helping general mobility.
♦Learn to move in continuous fluid movement: Dancing teaches a
boy to move in continuous fluid movement which can help in
sports like football.
♦ Better coordination: A boy will gain greater coordination skills.
♦Builds strength and endurance: Some of the strongest dancers are
male dancers who gain a great deal of total body muscular
strength from ballet techniques. All dancing helps build strength
and teaches students endurance as they learn more complex
dance techniques that work the muscles harder.
♦Becomes a team player: A boy learns how to work as a part of a
team when he dances in a group.
♦Better posture and deportment: A boy will learn how to stand up
straight and move with masculine grace because dancing requires
strict body alignment for correct form, which is also healthier for
the body.
♦Increases self-confidence: A boy can gain greater self-confidence
as he gets stronger and grows as a dancer by accomplishing
difficult dance moves.
♦Requires discipline and focus: Dance class requires focus on the
teacher’s instructions to learn dance moves and the discipline to
practice until a student learns the lesson correctly. This discipline
can help boys with attention deficit disorder improve the ability
to focus and pay attention. The discipline learned in dance class
can also help boys focus better on academics and build better
study skills for school.
♦Music appreciation: A boy can gain a greater appreciation for
music by participating in a dance class.
♦Provides a sense of accomplishment: When a boy masters a dance
routine, he feels great sense of accomplishment.
♦Appreciation for physical fitness: A boy involved in dance will be
more aware of the importance of physical fitness and is more
likely to exercise regularly.

Classes for age 3-8 are free if sister is enrolled to MBS program
or 50% discount if not.
MBS offer scholarships for boys 9-18.

Class Attire 

White fitted t-shirt, black fitted biker shorts or black tights, white socks,
and white or black ballet shoes.